• Columbia Business School’s Executive MBA Program has been working with AIH Destination Management to coordinate our week-long international seminars since 1995. We trust AIH to help with our operational needs (hotel accommodations, conferences, transportation, and tours) throughout the world – Shanghai, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, and Istanbul.  AIH understands the expectations and anticipates the needs of our program and students, and consistently delivers high-level customer service. Joe Kinczel is always accessible to staff and students and promptly addresses any concerns or issues that may arise.  AIH’s local partners mirror this level of professionalism. The whole team strives to ensure that each trip is a success and that every student is satisfied with the experience. We look forward to continuing our partnership, wherever next in the world that may be!

    Mary Kilcoyne, Associate Director, Operations & Student Services, Executive MBA Programs, Columbia Business School
  • AIH has expertly coordinated Golden Gate University’s Executive MBA International Study Tours in Europe, South America, and Asia for over ten years. His contacts and supporting teams around the world are carefully selected for their knowledge of local cultural and economic conditions, and political realities. Our students and faculty have always been very well cared for throughout demanding international and local travel situations, and have been placed in carefully selected lodgings. Mr. Kinczel’s services and travel packages are above and beyond expectations, and a true value.

    Michael Loscavio, Former Director, International Study Tours, Executive MBA Programs, Golden Gate University
  • We found AIH to be most helpful with the tour organization and with the tour itself. AIH assisted in arranging alternative travel plans for those who wished additional travel or to use frequent-flyer miles. The local guides in Santiago and Sao Paulo were most professional and helpful, as was the AIH representative who accompanied us.

    In short, we were very pleased with the services we received from AIH, and I can recommend them without reservation to schools contemplating similar tours.

    David Kent, Chair, Department of Management, Golden Gate University
  • I also need to once again compliment you on the way you handled the extremely difficult flight arrangements to South America. Despite airlines going bankrupt and sudden cancellations of flights, you were able to get us where we needed to be without disrupting our academic itinerary. Nice job!

    You are a valuable resource for our executive MBA programs. First, your American offices are well organized and very responsive to our needs. Second, your foreign associates are extremely well suited for our executive clients. Third, your tour managers are highly effective “safety nets” for the unexpected that always occurs on an international trip. That’s why we are using you again for our September trip, and why we intend to use you for next spring’s EMBA trip. We’ve found no other agency that can provide the same quality of service at such a reasonable cost. Thanks for being such an effective partner for us.

    Mark T. Carter, Former Director, Executive MBA Programs, University of Pittsburgh