AIH Destination Management has been providing high-quality travel experiences for groups and individuals since 1988. Company President Joe Kinczel, a Russian and Spanish speaker, has traveled worldwide organizing overseas group tours both to and from America. His family and his firm are located in Colorado, one hour west of Denver at an elevation of 9,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains. Natasha Kinczel, Joe’s daughter recently joined the company to expand marketing efforts, and to help her dad in his long standing business.

We gets our clients beyond the superficialities that consume most tourists in foreign countries, so that they experience the country through the eyes of the local people. In over 25 years of organizing group tours, we have developed a deep level of trust and understanding, both with our American clients and his associates worldwide, in places as diverse as Australia, Morocco, India, Russia, China, and Brazil.

AIH’s clients include Columbia University’s International EMBA program, which AIH has organized and facilitated since 1995. AIH has organized overseas trips to Europe, Asia, and South America for Thunderbird’s EMIM program, the University of Pittsburgh’s EMBA Program, Golden Gate University, the University of Denver, the University of Memphis, and many others. We strongly encourage you to contact any of the above universities regarding our performance. Click here to read several of our testimonials.

AIH will do everything possible to make your trip an unforgettable and positive learning experience. Click here for a detailed account of the travel services that AIH can provide for you.

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